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Discworld command help



bandage - to bandage someone's wounds


bandage <patient> with <bandage>


The bandage command lets you bandage an injured person in an effort to ease their suffering. You will need a bandage to perform the command. Your skills in firstaid and your own health status will determine how successful you are. The extent to which the person is hurt will make your task more or less difficult.

If you have previously identified a container as either a 'medicine bag' or 'component pouch', then using the 'bandage me' syntax will cause you to automatically remove any bandages from that container if you don't have one to hand.

You may manage to stay hidden while bandaging yourself, or your patient if your patient is hiding with you, and if you have an appropriate amount of sleight-of-hand.

It will cost you 15 crafts guild points to attempt the command.


> bandage me with bandage
You apply the bandage to you.

> bandage sojan with bandage
You apply the bandage to Sojan.

> bandage me
You get the strip of cloth from the leather pirate satchel.
You apply the bandage to yourself.

See also

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