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map - shows your surroundings


map door text
map text
map ascii


The map command will show you what you can see of your surroundings while you're travelling in a terrain or city environment. Since these maps are representations of what you can see, the map will only show what is in your line of sight. Hence large objects (mountains, trees, city walls etc) block your view, and at night the distance you can see shrinks substantially.

Terrains are areas where you can 'walk' or 'journey' in certain directions. These are all explained in 'help terrain room'.

Symbols are used to represent different types of terrain, such as roads, forests and plains, which will correlate with what you see by looking around you. The map is centred on your location, marked with a yellow @ symbol.

The maps use a minimal amount of colour to help differentiate types of terrain. This colouring can be disabled using 'options output map plain = on'.


If you would like to have a small map automatically displayed when you enter a room, check out 'options output map' and set the glance, glancecity, look and lookcity options appropriately. For example, if you have 'verbose look' turned on and you would like to see a map to the left of your screen in cities but not in terrains, you want 'options output map look = off' and 'options output map lookcity = left'. If you have 'brief look' turned on, then set 'options output map glance' and 'options output map glancecity' instead.

Map Objects

In-game maps are available for parts of the Disc. These can help you determine where you are on the Disc and can be purchased from various shops and NPCs.

Seeing things in your line-of-sight

The "map door text" syntax allows you to see all of the objects (NPC's, animals, other players, etc) that are on the paths around you within your line of sight. This is a limited number of rooms in any direction, usually terminating at a junction. The current weather may have an effect on the distance you can see.


The north end of Short Street outside the Mended Drum [n,s,e,w].
> map

| + + | | +: Door
*-$-&-*-@-*-$-$-*-* *: Room
| | + | -: East-west exit
* &: Room with living things and non-cardinal exits
| $: Room with living things
$ |: North-south exit

Later that day...

A Skund Forest road [journey west,journey northeast].
> map

f ffff##
f fffff

> ne
A Skund Forest road [journey east,journey southwest].
> map

fffff f
##ffff f

An example of "map door text":

The southern end of Eagle Street [n,s].

> map door text
Glod-san, a vigilant Sung bodyguard, a veteran Sung bodyguard, an alert Sung bodyguard, a strong Sung bodyguard, a large Sung bodyguard, a short Sung bodyguard and a haughty Sung nobleman are one north, a happy noh actor and a homeless child are one south and one southwest, the limit of your vision is one south and one southwest from here and the limit of your vision is four north from here.

See also

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