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Discworld player help



import - Copy settings from a registered alt


import <name of alt>
import <name of alt> {aliases|nicknames|friends|ignore|colours|mxpcolours|options|ignore}
import <name of alt> alias <alias(es)>
import <name of alt> alias category <category>


The import command can be used to copy some of your settings from an alt character. You can only import from registered alts. You can choose to copy the aliases, the nicknames, the friends, the ignore list, the custom colours or options; or you can copy all six. You can also import specific aliases or an entire alias category. Current settings are not destroyed. If there is a conflict, such as if the alt has a different alias with the same name, you will be asked if you want to overwrite the old setting with the new one.


> whoami
You are Otserp the Novice Fighter, Womble's Friend.

> friends
You do not have any friends.

> import presto
Import completed.

> friends
CaryGrant: needs no introduction

See also

alias, nickname, friends, ignore, register, multiplechars, options