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Hints are used to give you additional out-of-character help in various situations.

Any information conveyed in a hint will always be available to you through other actions, such as looking carefully at your surroundings or listening closely to what NPCs are saying, for example. Hints are simply a direct approach.

A history of your most recent hints and your location when you received them is always available to you by using the hhint command, regardless of your option settings.

By default hints are masked but you can turn them on or off entirely in your options should you wish to. Turning them on means you will be notified of all hints, off means you are never notified of any hints. Masking them means you are informed when you receive a hint but the actual message isn't displayed to you. This gives you the choice to view your hints history to find out what the hint was or to ignore it.

If you have chosen to mask hints, after receiving one you won't receive further notifications of new hints for approximately ten minutes in order to avoid spamming you with reminders.


options output hints=masked
options colour hints=yellow

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