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poll object

Discworld room help

poll object


poll data - a place where you can vote on specific issues


results of votes
vote <choice> on <issue>

Manager commands:
add vote with <choices>
delete vote <vote id>
finish vote <vote id>
set vote duration <hours> on <object>


This allows you to vote for certain exciting votes added by the owner of the commercial property. The owner can setup the votes in any way they wish and the voting item will retain the last 10 voting results.


voteAllows you to vote for a specified person or on a specified issue.
votesLists all the current elections and issues up for voting on.
resultsShows you the results of the votes.
addAdds a new vote to the list.
deleteDeletes the vote and forgets the results.
finishDeletes the vote and remembers the results.
setSets the duration of the vote.


> results of votes
> votes
> vote red on 1
> add vote with red,blue,green

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