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greeter imp

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greeter imp


greeter imp - so you can ensure your customers have as nice a day as you can make it


train <object> to say <string>
train <object> to forget <number>
change language on <object> to <string>
list chats on <object>


A greeter imp allows you to set a greeting message for everyone who enters your shop. It employs multiple-character memory architectures with comprehensive support for language localisation.

You can train the imp to say a certain thing when people enter its environment, and also change the language to any of its supported localisations. It can hold up to twenty such chats by virtue of its inbuilt storage capacities.

Each chat that you train the imp to say will be recorded in the imp's easily accesible data banks. You can query the contents of these data banks using the 'list' command. When you wish to remove a chat from the imp, you may train it to forget the chat by the number indicated in 'list'.

You can trash the imp with the spulluf like any other playershop furniture.

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