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bank master

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bank master


bank master - the master bank handler


deposit <money>
withdraw <money>
open account
close account

Franchise owner commands:
process credit note <note>

Owner commands:
set bank name <name> on <bank>
set buy franchise cost <cost> on <bank>
set franchise default monthly cost <cost> on <bank>
set percentage on <bank> as <number>
set account cost <open cost> on <bank>
set franchise monthly cost <cost> for <franchise id> on <bank>
list franchises on <bank>


This is a master bank controller, where all the money in the bank ends up eventually. This place functions as a normal bank, you can deposit and withdraw money from it. The percentage cut and the cost for opening an account is all controllable by the owner of the bank.

A master bank can have several franchises in the field which pay a certain monthly fee to the bank for continued services.

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