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bank franchise

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bank franchise


bank franchise - the franchise bank handler


deposit <money>
withdraw <money>
open account
close account

Owner commands:
set percentage on <bank counter> as <number expression>
set account cost on <bank counter> as <money expression>
create credit note
list credit notes
recind credit note <id>


This is a bank franchise, an outlet for the main bank. This place functions as a normal bank, you can deposit and withdraw money from it. The percentage cut and the cost for opening an account is all controllable by the owner of the bank.

A franchise has to pay a monthly fee to the master bank to continue running. Revenue is generated by money being deposited.

A franchise has a maximum 'balance' this is the amount of money the franchise can be off a totally even balance before it shuts down. This goes in either direction, so too many withdrawls or too many deposits shut down the bank. The balance of the bank is tied to the float of the owner of the bank, so if a bank doesn't have enough money for you to withdraw, you also cannot withdraw the money.

To equalise the balance in a franchise, the owner creates a credit note and takes this note to the main branch where the note is processed. When it is processed the person with the note either gains or looses the appropriate amount of money from their person to cover the note. (NOTE: It is crucial that you do not trash a bank counter with outstanding notes, or they are automatically recinded.)

Lost credit notes can be recinded by the property owner. You will then need to create a new credit note and process it, as recinding a note will also revert the state of the bank counter with regards to the funds involved.

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