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scrabble - the infamous word game


start new game on <board name>
finish game on <board name>
overturn <board name>
join game as {red|yellow|blue|green|mauve|cyan|vermillion} on <board name>
resign [from] [game] on <board name>
play <word> at <position> {right|down} on <board name>
shuffle [tiles] on <board name>
letters statistics on <board name>
accept word on <board name>
reject last word on <board name>
discard [all] [tiles] on <board name>
discard <letters> on <board name>
pass move on <board name>


Scrabble is a wonderful word game. You try to make words on the board with the 7 tiles you have in your hand. The word must either cross or be an extension of a word already on the board.

Each letter scores differently and has different numbers of them included in the pool. You can see how many of each type are available and their scores using the 'letters' command.

The board has some special places on it. A '*' is a triple letter score, a '+' is a double letter score, a 'd' is a double word score and a 't' is a triple word score. The word scores are also highlighted in red and the letter scores in blue.

The next person to go must accept the word of the previous person before they make their word. The word can also be rejected. Before the next person accepts the current player can remove their current word and put a new one down if they wish, they do this using the 'play' command in the same way as above.

You score for the double letter scores and double word scores only if you are the person that placed the tile on the spot.

You score for every word that you make, so if you extend a word and make a new one you score for both words. If the double letter or double word score is included in the extension then you score double for both words.

If you are having trouble seeing potential words in your tiles, you can shuffle them in search of inspiration.

You may discard all or some of your tiles and get a new bunch if you wish, this takes one move. When discarding a subset of tiles that includes a blank tile, enclose the letters in "".

You can find the point cost of each tile, how many of that tile there are and how many have been played using the 'letter statistics' command.


> play womble at b5 down on scrabble
> play "fr g" at c3 right on scrabble
> discard all tiles on board
> discard "eeau " on board
> overturn board
> letter statistics on scrabble

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