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quick categories game

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quick categories game


quick categories - An exciting word game.


join [game] [as] {grey|red|yellow|white|green|blue|violet|black|orange} on <object>
start [new] game on <object>
start [new] game to <points> on <object>
start [new] {in-character|out-of-character|custom} game on <object>
start [new] {in-character|out-of-character|custom} game to <points> on <object>
play <word> for [category] <number> on <object>
list categories on <object>
list answers on <object>
accept [all] [words] on <object>
reject [answer] <number> {from|for} <player> on <object>
finish [game] on <object>

add [custom] category <category> on <object>
list custom categories on <object>
remove [custom] category <category> on <object>


The aim of this game is to list words or phrases relating to the given categories that start with the chosen letter. When a game is started, 5 categories are listed. Players then have 2 minutes to submit an answer for each category. After the submission phase comes the rejection phase, where questioning may start on the validity of the answers.

For an answer to be accepted it must start with the correct letter. So, if the letter was "V" and the answer given was "Samuel Vimes", then that would be automatically rejected, however "Vimes, Samuel" would be fine. It is acceptable for last names or first names to be given as an answer in this manner.

The words "a", "an", "the" and "and" do not count for scoring and will not disqualify an answer.

1 point is gained for each unique answer that starts with the correct letter. Additional points are given if other words in the answer start with the same letter. For example, "Chrenedict's Calcareous Covering" would score 3 points.

Using the start syntax, it is possible to set the number of points needed to win (the default is 20) and what type of categories should be used. In-character categories will exclude mentions of creators, players and skills etc. The out-of-character option will include all in-character categories and extra ones relating to players and creators etc. Custom categories can be added with the "add" command. A total of 15 custom categories is needed for a custom game to be played. The default game option is to use all categories, that is; in-character, out-of-character and custom categories. Custom categories will be saved over logouts.

Looking at the game will give updated information such as points, categories and answers.


The letter is L and the categories are:
1. Streets in Bes Pelargic.
2. Cities, towns or villages.
3. Families.
4. Streets in Ankh-Morpork.
5. Past or present magistrates or guild officials.

You have 2 minutes to enter your answers.

> play long street for 1 on game
You submit "long street" as your answer for category 1. Streets in Bes Pelargic.

> accept on game
You accept all the words on the quick categories game.

> reject 2 from womble on game
You reject the answer for category 2 from the Womble.

> add custom category capital cities on game
You add a category to the quick categories game.