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quarto - a nifty game of connect four


join game as {green|red} on <board name>
start new game on <board name>
move <position> and choose <piece> on <board name>
resign from <board name>


Quarto is a slight twist on the idea of connect four. In this game each piece has 4 different attributes, shape, colour, size and marked. You need to get 4 pieces in a row with 1 of the attributes the same. So 4 big pieces in a row, or 4 round pieces in a row or four plus pieces of four star pieces.

Each you play a piece onto the board and choose the piece you are giving to your opponent for them to play. So you choose the piece your opponent plays.

Important rules again. 1) You choose the piece the opponent plays and 2) you only need 4 in a row of any attribute, colour, shape, size or X in the middle.

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