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passways - hunt for treasures in a maze


join [game] [as] {green|red|blue|yellow} on <object>
start [new] [game] on <object>
push [tile] {right|left|up|down} at <position> on <object>
undo [push] on <object>
move [piece] to <position> on <object>
pass [move] on <object>
turn loose tile of <object> {clockwise|counterclockwise|halfway}
resign [from] [game] on <object>
finish [game] on <object>


In Passways you compete against your friends to first find the treasures you're assigned to, and get back home again. All the while the maze you're moving around in changes.

A move consists of pushing the loose tile of the board into a new position, and then moving your playing piece to a new square, as long as there is a path between the squares.

You must make a push each turn, but you're free to pass movement if you wish to. It is not allowed to push the loose tile where it just came from, ie it's not allowed to undo the previous player's move.

If a playing piece is pushed off the board, it is moved and placed at the opposite square.

It is also possible to turn the loose tile before you push it. The default direction is clockwise.

It is possible to undo a push before you move your piece. This can make it easier to see the results of your push.

When a treasure is found, the player turns his next card to see what to look for next. When all treasures are found you have to make your way back to your home square. The first to find all his (or her) treasures and get back home is the winner.


> turn loose tile of board
> push tile left at 6 on board
> undo push on board
> push tile down at b on board
> move piece to e2 on board

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