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Morporkian Carriages game

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Morporkian Carriages game


Morporkian Carriages - a fun game to play.


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Game Play

The basic premise is to travel round the Ankh-Morpork carriage system in a sequence of moves which may, when the game ends, accumulate points. Points mean prizes, and at the end of the game a sum of experience points which is based on the number of players and moderated by various other factors will be shared out according to the number of points awarded to each player. The total experience points award will always be calculated according to the same criteria with a slight random variation, but the points value of various actions may vary from game to game.

Tension in an imaginary audience is an important factor in the game, as is placing players (including yourself) in knip, or traversing the paths of other players' previous moves. The game map also features both a meridian and an equator, crossing either may be a special event. A player is in knip if they are inside a triangle formed by another player's most recent three stops.

Time is an important factor, as is game duration in terms of the number of moves. Longer games are not necessarily better ones, and a player's contribution to the duration of the game can be a scoring factor. Overly brief and excessively long games should be avoided. The more players, up to the limit of six, the merrier.

Once two or more players have joined the game any player may start the game. Each player then moves to their chosen starting point during the first round. From then on, you may move to carriage stops on the same route, or in a limited number of cases, to a nearby carriage stop on another route.

The game ends when any player moves to the Opera House carriage stop. The winner is the player with the highest points score. In the event of a tie, the winner is chosen at random.

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