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mensa regis

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mensa regis


mensa regis - a game of attack and defence


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Mensa regis is a game of attack and defence. The attackers are in majority and try to capture the King, the defenders are protecting the King, who tries to escape. The attackers win if the King is sandwiched by attackers. The King's party wins if the King manages to escape to one of his four castles (one in each corner of the board).


The attackers' party always makes the first move. The parties then continue the game by making moves in turn. Attackers and defenders are moved in the same manner: A piece may be moved to any side, one or several squares to an empty one, but not diagonally (just as the rook in chess). Jumps over other pieces are not permitted. No one except the King may enter the centre square of the board (the King's castle), but the others may jump over if necessary. Only the King may enter one of the corner squares (the King's four escape castles).


A warrior (attacker or defender) is captured when the enemy places a soldier on either side of him. The piece is then removed from the board. However, the warrior is not captured if he places himself between two enemy soldiers who are there already. A warrior is also captured if he has one of the corner castles on his side and an enemy soldier occupies his other, opposite side. The King may himself participate in fighting the attackers, but cannot be captured like his warriors, but through sandwiching.


The King wins if he succeeds in escaping into one of his four corner castles. He has lost the battle if he is sandwiched among four attackers and cannot move. He has also lost if there are attackers on three of his sides, with his back against his own centre castle wall.

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