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mancala - an old game of strategy and rock falls


join game as {green|red} on <board name>
start new game on <board name>
resign from <board name>
move <position> on <board name>


Mancala is a simple game of rock movements. The aim is to end up with more rocks in your mancala than the opponent has.

The game is layed out with a mancala for each colour at each end of the board, there are 6 bins on each side which all contain 4 stones.


Each move you take all the stones out of one of the bins and drop them one by one into consecutive bins.
If the next bin would be your mancala then you drop one in there, if it would be your opponents you skip it.
If you the last stone is in your mancala, you move again.
If the last stone is dropped into an empty space on your side you capture all the stones of the opponents in their opposite bin and place them all in your mancala.
The game ends when all the middle bins are empty.
If one side is empty the person on the other side collects all the stones on their side and puts them in their mancala.

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