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hearts - the simple game of hearts.


start new game on <board name>
finish game on <board name>
join game as {earth|fire|air|water|surprise} on <board name>
start new game on <board name>
resign on <board name>
play card <position> on <board name>
pass cards <x,y,z> on <board name>


A simple trick taking game of tactics and luck. Every heart that you win is worth 1 point and the queen of spades is worth 13 points. The game ends when someone achieves a score of 100 points or greater, and the player with the fewest points is the winner.

Most hands begin with selecting three cards to pass, after which the player with the lowest club must play it to begin the play phase of the game. Each successive play in the trick must follow suit, if possible. When you can't follow suit you can play any card in your hand. The winner of the trick is the player of the highest card in the suit of the first card of that trick. The winner of the most recent trick must lead the new trick. You can lead any club, diamond, or spade at any time, but you may only lead a heart if another heart has already been played (hearts have been broken), or if you have only hearts in your hand.

If somone gets all of the points in a round (shooting the moon) then their score is decreased by 26 points (and everyone else's score remains the same).

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