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battleslugs game

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battleslugs game


battleslugs game - A game of battleslugs for you to play


join game as {red|green} on <board name>
start new game on <board name>
move <position> on <board name>
place <slug> at <position> {right|down} on <board name>
view on <board name>
resign from game on <board name>
colour {on|off} on <board name>


Your neighbour has tried to infest your garden with slugs! They are creeping and crawling all over the place, eating your lettuces and your cabbages. In revenge you have sent your crack team of attack slugs at your neighbours garden. To win you must destroy all the slugs in your garden with slug pellets before your neighbour can do the same to you.

To start with you secretly place your slugs in your neighbours garden, you cannot place slugs on top of each other or so they fall outside the edge of the garden.

After you have placed all your slugs you take it in turns to slug pellet a sector of your garden. If you hit a slug in the sector you slug pellet you will know about it from the horrible smell.

You can turn on and off the colour display on the board using the 'colour' command.

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