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alpha blitz

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alpha blitz


alpha blitz - a simple word game with cards


play <word> and [play] <card> onto {l|r} on <object>
pass [play] <card> onto {l|r} on <object>
reject last word on <object>
start new game on <object>
finish game on <object>


A fairly simple word game with cards. You start the game with two letters in front of you and three cards in your hand. Every turn you attempt to make a word out of the cards in front of you and everyone elses's cards. You can use one letter as many times as you like.

The scoring is relatively simple, the person who makes the first word in a round gets 1 point, the person who makes the second gets 2 points and so on. Every word made in a round must be longer than the previous word make in the round. So if someone makes a 3 letter word then the others have to make a 4 letter (or more) word. Qu counts as two letters.

If the word you made contains a 'red' card then you get 1 bonus point for each red card in the word you made.

Once everyone has made a word or passed then all the cards people marked as being put down are played and the next round starts.

Words may be rejected all the way back to the start of the round.

A blitz card ('*') is a pile ending card, if you plat that onto one of your piles you may never play another card on top of it.

The game ends when two of the cards in front of someone are both blitz ('*') cards.