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Submitting sheet music

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Submitting sheet music


There are several books of sheet music available to be played on musical instruments. Sheet music is fairly simple to write, so if you've had a great idea for some, why not idea it in the correct format to increase your chances of having it implemented?

Described below is the format needed for submitting sheet music. Examples have been included.

Music can be submitted with the syntax "idea special sheet_music". Please note that submitting music does not guarantee it will be used. We also reserve the right to change it.

Music Messages

Sheet music needs eight messages for varying degrees of failure or success. When submitting a report they should be presented in the following order:

just succeeded,
average success,
good success,
exceptional success,
just failed,
average failure,
bad failure,
really bad failure


All messages should be enclosed within double quotation marks ("), and each message should be presented on a new line with a comma separating them (see examples below). Only sentence fragments are needed since the rest is added by code. For example, "a complex and fast paced tune" would become "You skilfully play a complex and fast paced tune on your silver flute while glancing at your wind sheet music."

Sheet music often has a short description of the piece. You can include this in your report, as well as a suggested difficulty, one of "easy", "medium", "difficult" or "expert". You should also include the instrument or group of instruments it is meant for.

Examples of idea reports

The examples are best viewed with a columns setting greater than 70.

     This is a report for wind sheet music.

     Description:  The music below is from the opera "The Enchanted
       Piccolo.  This phrase in particular is considered by wind
       players to be the most difficult in the opera."

     Difficulty: expert
     Instruments: wind

     "a good attempt at what is clearly a difficult melody",
     "a complex and fast paced tune",
     "a few bars from the opera The Enchanted Piccolo",
     "a spectacular rendition of several bars from the opera The "
       "Enchanted Piccolo",
     "a poor attempt at what is clearly a difficult melody",
     "a somewhat disjointed melody",
     "an irritating tune",
     "a horrible racket",

     This is a report for guitar sheet music.

     Description: This is a simple tune which is based on the E major
     Difficulty: easy
     Instrument: guitar

     "a few notes going up and down a scale",
     "a pretty little tune",
     "a few bars of Fairy Footsteps",
     "something that sounds just like a fairy walking daintily",
     "a few hurried notes",
     "a distorted scale",
     "a horrible collection of notes",
     "something that sounds like a thousand fairies screaming"

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