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Discworld Concepts



Ramblers - players who write descriptions, brainstorm ideas, and
explore concepts with Ram creators for the Ramtops.


apply as a rambler
submit description for <area>
review submissions
research <rambler> on model
claim [rambler] pin
reclaim [rambler] pin because <reason>


This is the gathering place of the Ramtop Ramblers, where you can apply to be a rambler in the Ram Domain.

Ramblers are non coding creator positions. Ramblers are trusted positions where you get to assist and work on in concept ideas or in development areas. It also means that you can contribute to the game without needing to give up all the aspects of being a player that you sacrifice if you become an actual Creator. The is not a coding position, and this is subject to application and approval processes.


To become a Rambler, you need to apply in the Ramblers' room located within the Lancre Smithy cellar, explaining why you would like to join and why you feel you would contribute to the game. This application will then be judged by the Creators responsible for Ramblers. The main requirements for the position are a good grasp of the english language, some knowledge of Discworld and a good feel for the MUD. Having a hobby of craftwork or a general wealth of knowledge will be a bonus. It is not uncommon to be asked to submit a sample description before you are formally hired, however each application may be individually tailored depending on your areas of interest or expertise.

Practical Information

For more detailed information on joining and submitting, visit the Lancre Forge cellar. If you would rather submit a general idea, or a single, small description of an object or such, the idea command might be what you are looking for. If you are submitting several ideas or ones which are relevant to certain projects, you may even be approached to see if this might interest you. Also note that you don't have to be formally hired as a Rambler to be able to submit descriptions or concepts at the Smithy cellar, you'll just miss out on the shiny pin and enjoyment of which a secret society membership can bring.

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