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pottery - craft fun with clay


Several cities on Discworld offer the opportunity to craft items from clay using the crafts.pottery skills.

There are several stages involved in pottery:

Moulding - during this stage, a potter may take a piece of clay and mould it into a pot on a pottery wheel. The types of pots that can be moulded vary between wheels.

Staining - this adds a pattern to the pot and may take several applications (thus allowing the addition of several colours). Staining takes place at pottery tables, and patterns vary in different locations.

Signing - this will add the potter's signature to their creation. A pottery brush is needed for this.

Making - a special type of pot, the hollow tube, can be made into blowpipes or flutes. The pottery brush is used to make these items.

Glazing - the final stage of pottery before firing, glazing adds a protective coloured coating to the pot. It is done at pottery tables.

Firing - all pots must be fired in order to set stains and glazes, and to allow use as a vessel. Firing takes place in kilns and pots must be checked frequently to ensure they are not left inside too long.

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