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Discworld Player Help





Equipment on Discworld is all the items you get and use. Equipment is saved when you logout and your 'inventory' will regenerate when you log back in. Equipment comes in various types and has different commands to manipulate it.

get <item>Causes you to pick up an item. There is a limit to how much you can hold which depend on your strength.
take <item>Ditto
drop <item>Causes you to drop an item.


hold <weapon>Causes you to hold an item.
unhold <weapon>Causes you to stop holding the item.
equipCauses you to wear all your armour and hold all your weapons (well, as many as you can)


wear <armour>Causes you to wear an item.
remove <armour>Causes you to remove an item.


Special items may have special actions that they can perform. For example, you can 'light' a torch, but not a sword. Most of these actions should be fairly intuitive. However, if you have trouble just ask.

See also

get, take, drop, put, hold, unhold, wear, remove, drop, equip