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Deity points

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Deity points


Deity points - a measure of a deity's spare belief power


Deity points represent the spare belief power a deity is willing to use to spend for the benefit of His or Her followers and priests, in the hope that this will help maintain their status as an important deity.

In game, this means that each god has a limited pool of deity points that may be spent, in a similar fashion to guild points, by the deity on various things. The effect of a god running out of deity points is similar to a player running out of guild points as well; there are no immediate negative consequences but they are unable to do certain things, which in the case of gods include such things as assisting with rituals or allowing the use of rituals imbued in rods.

Deity points do not regenerate automatically. They must be replenished by the deity's worshippers - every time a worshipper prays, some of the gp they spend goes back into the deity point pool.

The High Priest of a deity may choose to excommunicate players, with the effect of cutting them off from the deity point pool. Excommunicated players will neither contribute to the deity pool in any way, nor be able to take advantage of anything that would ordinarily require deity points to use.

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