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There are several ways of communicating on Discworld. The most common of these is "say". This tells everybody in the room with you, whatever it is that you type after "say". An extension to this is "sayto" that tells everybody in the room but is directed at a specific person. There is also "tell" which tells one specific person something wherever they are. Then there is "shout" which gives your message to everybody within a certain range.

The other ways of communicating are through soul commands and emoting. The soul commands are to add atmosphere and flavour to your conversations. If someone says something really funny, rather than just typing "say That's funny.", you can type "laugh", which will tell everyone in the room that you fall down laughing. Emoting is similar except that you can perform any action, rather than just the ones that are defined in the soul, although emotes cannot be targeted like souls can. For more information on all of this, read the help files on the following commands.

Some of the ways of communicating cost social points. How many of these you have is shown on your "score", along with how many social points you may have at most. This maximum may also change, for better or for worse, depending on your actions.

See also

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