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AshkEnte - A ritual used by wizards to summon Death.


The Rite of AshkEnte is an ancient ceremony used by faculty members at the Unseen University to summon Death to ask him questions or for a favour.

The first stage is a spell that prepares the room for the ritual to follow. A staff is needed to trace out a unique kind of octogram, and some occult items are also required to make the whole thing authentic.

The AshkEnte circle draws in magical energy from the wizards taking part in the ritual. Seven plus one wizards must each channel some of their power into the circle using the recharge command - not a fast or completely safe process.

Once the circle is fully charged, the final spell can be attempted and if successful Death will appear for a limited time to respond to requests depending on his mood and whether he is impressed with the quality of all components you splashed out on.


If you ask Death to return you from your last death:

* You will face a skill cut, which increases the more times you come back from your last death.

* Banks will liquidate any deposits you hold with them.

* Real estate agencies will reclaim all your player shops and houses.

* Your inventory (including from vaults and your corpse) will be moved to a special room in Death's house, where you will be able to reclaim only a limited number of items.

The rite of AshkEnte is a last resort. Please buy lives so that you don't have to use it!

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