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Discworld concepts help


Most commands can now be abbreviated to just a few letters. A general rule is that the first two letters are all that is needed, but you need to look at the help for the command to find out exactly. The syntax for showing you abbreviation is <minimum-abbreviation>*<rest-of-command> (as used in MOO)

There should be no ambiguity between commands, so it has been necessary for some commands to need more than two letters as the minimum abbreviation. Where two commands are similar three or even four letters may be needed to show what you are trying to do.

If two commands are ambiguous please tell a creator/use the bug command. Also do this if a command isn't abbreviated properly. If just the help is incorrect please use 'typo' (it isn't as important).

eg. for the command 'examine'.
Usage: ex*amine <object>
Thus to look at the object 'fish' you could type
> ex fish
> exa fish
> exam fish
> exami fish
> examin fish
> examine fish
all being perfectly legal.