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The pteh Pterrible family was founded by Ptoley in Djelibeybi

The pteh Pterrible family was once the largest, wealthiest, and most notorious family of Djelibeybi. It's actual origins are shrouded in the mystery of history; one very popular claim is that the pteh Pterrible family was formed by several D'regs who became disillusioned by nomadic life and chose to apply their traditionally bloodthirsty ways to more modern and 'civilized' pursuits.
After a long and properous era, the family dissolved and the pteh Pterribles were again scattered across the disc. Now it has reformed, with the determined purpose to surpass all of it's former glory... and infamy.
The members are:
Ptanochyra, Ptarptuffe, Ptas, Ptehptickla, Ptektonik, Ptenisnet, Pteri, Pterminal, Pterrific, Pthemnetjer, Ptherion, Pthyme, Ptodium, Ptoley, Ptonya, Ptoshiko, Ptrouble, Ptutu and Ptycho