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playerhelpers was founded by Mancow in Ankh-Morpork

This club's purpose is to encourage helping players, particularly young ones whose time as a 'newbie' has expired!

If you have any questions or problems on the game, no matter what your age, I encourage you to ask on the club channel, where everyone will gladly help you!

If you are under 2 days old age, you can apply for a 'newbie package'. This includes: a cloak, a yellow stone ring, a bottle of good healing tea, a backpack, one Ankh-Morpork royal and a pair of reasonable weapons of your melee choice.
Applications for a package must be made personally to Mancow, via Mudmail. More providers of newbie equipment may become available at a later date. :)

In this club, there will be several positions filled by the 'Heads' of each guild and the 'Heads' of each gamestyle, for example number/achievement chasing. These are voted by the other members of the club. They should be the first point of contact if you have any guild specific issues. There will also be someone from your guild and/or gamestyle of interest that could mentor you one on one for a period of time, just ask Mancow or any of the players that hold positions within the club to try and set this up for you!

Special events
From time to time, we may hold special events to encourage interaction between young and experienced players! An example of this might be a treasure hunt, with clues to find things across various cities.

Every member of the club over 50 days of age is to be made a recruiter. Please inform Mancow if you do not wish to be a recruiter or are over 50 days and haven't been made a recruiter yet.

If you would like to join, please ask a recruiter! The club needs a balance both young and experienced members to work as intended, so please don't think you are unsuitable. Everyone is welcome to the club, no exceptions.

Warning: Anyone seen to be purposefully providing false/inaccurate information or being abusive on the channel will be removed from the club. If you see any instances of this happening, please let Mancow know.


The members are:
Aberaven, Acantha, Alfa, Appelhof, Arienette, Asaram, Caelum, Chooxen, Damiate, Eboin, Emily, Erilynne, Geryon, Ghostbird, Hurukan, Isolde, Jacintha, Jeanie, Kaea, Kyou, Lenor, Liplock, Lyna, Maeko, Mirako, Mitsukai, Moncaire, Mordenkainen, Nashina, Nayades, Nefret, Nethuns, Nugg, Orpheo, Oskila, Pit, Proeliator, Ralegoan, Salt, Sarissa, Sidd, Sinivar, Sorcerer, Sparty, Stealth and Traven
The recruiters are:
Acantha, Alfa, Appelhof, Asaram, Chooxen, Emily, Erilynne, Geryon, Hurukan, Isolde, Jeanie, Kyou, Lenor, Lyna, Maeko, Mirako, Moncaire, Mordenkainen, Nashina, Nayades, Nefret, Nethuns, Orpheo, Proeliator, Ralegoan, Salt, Sarissa, Sidd, Sorcerer, Sparty, Stealth and Traven

This is an elected club:

The next election will be held at Fri Feb 25 12:33:19 2022