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Hoodwinkers was founded by Evox in Ankh-Morpork

                        The Hoodwinkers.

The Hoodwinkers are wizards specializing in illusion and conjuring, and 
generally making ordinary people doubt Up and Down.  With absolutely 
nothing up their sleeves but eye of frog, they can entertain a pub 
with dancing elves or frighten brigands with fiery dragons.

This is an open club for all members of the order, its purpose is to assist in any order wide programs, to provide a direct contact point for order specific questions and to create a better sense of fellowship among order members.

Please contact a recruiter so that you may join.
The members are:
Abbacus, Abzde, Aikanaro, Alek, Ambrosius, Bartleby, Bradro, Brunswick, Camas, Drygur, Dyne, Ele, Esteliaar, Evox, Flames, Harald, Hasmokos, Hexagon, Hilton, Hipwigla, Hirroshi, Iveskins, Kishmish, Lallander, Locus, Luunitik, Margarite, Mimoruka, Myaid, Myoto, Nelle, Nimboos, Nissive, Nyge, Olium, Petrosilius, Polycheria, Positrix, Rekt, Salustra, Solique, Sourgrave, Tally, Tanya, Techren, Vott, Vyre and Zorel
The recruiters are:
Bartleby, Bradro, Brunswick, Drygur, Dyne, Lallander, Myoto, Vott and Vyre

This is an elected club:

The next election will be held at Thu Dec 1 21:36:20 2022