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The Demonwright family was founded by Mythica in 0

Long ago, trust is that which was wantonly given - fooled by them 
with silver tongue and golden breath - fooled by baleful whispers 
from vile lungs. Lessons taught by craven hearts; they watched us 
whither, fall, and part. But we have learned our lessons well; now 
from ashes, to which we fell, we rise again and will not Fail. 

Knowledge now, we hold tight, power doth grow with all its might.
Watch us now and forever more, now Demonwright from Helland bore!

Vile memories planted deep, not ours before, not ours to keep...
"From Dancers," we thought, but we were wrong; from devils we
were wrought, not born. All of it! Planned and forced! But now
we see and will correct the course!

Once 'twe're separated, but soon 'twe're found. Now we come with
hellish sounds. Still we search, for one still lost, but find we will, at
whatever cost. No man or minion will stand in our way; death to that 
which tries to sway. Our kin, our brood, our blood! We will reunite again!

Though thaumic waves do flow through veins now twisted, and blood 
now thick and black as pitch, it pumps like the newborn Lethe within 
our malformed bodies. Orbs of loathing and wretched pain gaze outward, 
no longer with life-intent, no longer searching for truths once thought 
forgotten, but now solely seeking power, revenge, and bitter solace. Now,
mavens of illusions we have become, altering our forms to become more 
like others. Among you we hide.

 Mythica, Matron Mother
	Aznin, Father's Lament
	Bremen, Brother's Keeper
		Erin, Vile Augur
		WeiQi, Quiet Truth
			Mono, Baleful Watcher
			Janet, Son's Sorrow
The members are:
Aznin, Bremen, Erin, Janet, Mono, Mythica and Weiqi