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The de Rien family was founded by Aragorn in Ankh-Morpork

Once upon a time there lived a boy. That boy was a foundling, and
was raised to manhood by the Lancre Highland Regiment. All of his
life he wanted to know who his parents were, so he one day he left 
his home and journeyed to Ankh-Morpork, where surely they knew 
everything about everything (and just might tell you for a price). He
asked every soothsayer, wise man, witch, and philosopher in the city,
but not one of them could divulge the secrets of his past.

One day, while wandering down Short Street, he met a beggar who 
offered to tell him who he really was, for a mere tuppence. Having 
already tried all the supposed sages, Aragorn decided to give the old
beggar a try. Smiling, the old beggar took Aragorn's money and said
"Son, it doesn't matter where you come from, the past is the past and
there's nothing you can do to change it. What you should be 
concentrating on is your future! If you don't have a family, why not 
make your own?" Aragorn was stunned; it was the best advice he'd 
heard in this benighted city. He smiled, thanking the beggar profusely
as he slipped him his last dollar, then set off to create his own 
family. Since he had no parents, and no city to really call his own, 
he decided that his family would be called "de Rien", which sounded 
better than just plain "of Nothing". And thus the de Riens were born.

The de Riens are a family of fiercely independent individualists. 
While loyal to each other, and a few chosen friends, they hold no 
allegiance to any city or country. If they are citizens somewhere, 
it is only because it suits their present needs. 

Membership in the de Riens is by invitation only. Only players 
who will not tarnish the name will be considered for admittance 
into the family. Please do not bug one of the existing members to 
join, as that is a sure-fire way not to get in.
The members are:
Aragorn, Areia, Marigale, Sothis and Twodogs