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The D'Aquitaine family was founded by Kalexys in Ankh-Morpork

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a planet called Aquitaine
traversed the heavens.  It was a magical place, filled with the poetry
and song, reverberating with rapier wit and scintillating conversation 
engaged in by all those who found favor and friendship with the
Baroness of Aquitaine.   An invitation from the Baroness to attend 
one of her famous poker salon evenings was a mark of distinction
and pride, and those fortunate few who garnered such invitations
were the envy of all society.  The Baroness's poker salon evenings 
were the talk of the town.

It was thought by some that the golden age of Aquitaine would last 
forever.  The Baroness knew better.  She knew in her heart that 
something so precious could not but be fleeting, for that is the 
nature of things in this universe.  That which we love, we ultimately 
lose, sometimes in the blink of an eye.   We cherish the beloved for
as long as we can hold it close to us, knowing that when we lose it, 
we will mourn without ceasing.

All too soon, the magic and the wonder that was Aquitaine came to
an end.  The Fates had turned.  An untold grief stole upon the Baroness. 
Feeling the need for solace and solitude, the Baroness went into 
seclusion.  Her ancestral home of Raudley Hall on Aquitaine was 
boarded up, and it was gradually understood that the Baroness was 
not at home to anyone.  Its brilliance dimmed for lack of its gracious
sovereign whose personality had so animated and enriched the lives
of its citizens, Aquitaine disappeared, vanishing from the cosmos.

But everything has a season and the Wheel of Fortune turns.  So it 
has come to pass that a descendant of the Baroness one day found
herself propelled through space and time and deposited abruptly on 
the Discworld, right on the streets of Ankh-Morpork.  As the last scion 
of the noble House of Aquitaine, Kalexys bears the weight and carries 
the hope of all her family.  But never one to shrink from challenge,
duty or destiny, Kalexys accepts the solemn geis bestowed upon her 
and has vowed to reestablish and restore all honor, glory and prestige
to the name of Aquitaine.  
In memory of the Baroness.
The members are: