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Viper House was founded by Sleffie in Ankh-Morpork

*  This is a club for all members of   *
* ........... Viper House ............ *
* ...... In the Assassin's guild ..... *
*   All members GL 175+ are recruiter  *
The members are:
Angelo, Angra, Antoine, Arash, Brym, Cheesecake, Connick, Cortico, Exote, Fett, Feyd, Funso, Gouzz, Huga, Jerec, Karek, Kemolian, Kitsune, Malaclypse, Malcom, Martinez, Mirko, Nestor, Repiv, Scaramanga, Shady, Silken, Sleffie, Spaxey, Staria, Syn, Ugglee, Ukko, Vashti, Woody and Zorani
The recruiters are:
Arash, Exote, Funso, Gouzz, Jerec, Karek, Kitsune, Malaclypse, Martinez, Nestor, Scaramanga, Shady, Sleffie, Spaxey, Staria, Syn, Vashti and Woody

This is an elected club:

The next election will be held at Mon Oct 18 21:38:40 2021