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Turtle Sports was founded by Celes in Ankh-Morpork

                      A club for all things competitive!

Athletic events will include foosball, darts, rugby and bowling, and we will also host scavenger hunts, costume competitions and trivia nights.

If you would like to join our organization, inform a recruiter of which team, jersey number and position you'd like to play under.
* (positions are made up for fun, so just be silly and creative)

                      Discworld Athletics Team Rosters

 _____________________________ Turnwise Division _____________________________
      Ankhian Street Rats                        Morporkian Hippos           
 #18 F. Mathanas, Runner Awayer            #69 C. Blow-Pop, Ball Swatter
                                       *   #10 T. Bellerose, Rainbow Catcher
       Sto Lat Catapults                        Holy Wood Fruitbats          
 _____________________________ Hubland Division ______________________________
      Sto Plains Cabbages                       Lancrastian Royals           
         Ramtops Giants                         Uberwald Werewolves          
 #42 E. D'Mountain, Skyscraper                                                                             
 _____________________________ Rimward Division ______________________________
        Djelian Pirates                        Klatchian Krocodiles          
 #01 B. Roderic, Stabbin' Capt'n       
     Ephebian Philosophers                     Zabingo Jungle Cocks          
 ____________________________ Widdershins Division ___________________________
       Genua Alligators                        Brindisian Meatballs
        Agatean Tigers                         Brown Island Coconuts         
                                           #13 B. Reeze, Windy Winger

The Cabbages are sponsored by Quow, author of Bovine Books.

The Giants are sponsored by Ruhsbaar, owner of Ramtops Remedies and Reagents.
     -*- Located in the southwest corner of the Ohulan-Cutash market -*-
The members are:
Breeze, Everest, Flar, Nelle, Ordeith and Quow
The recruiters are:
Breeze, Everest and Flar