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Tree Frog House was founded by Dirk in Ankh-Morpork

This is a club for Assassins belonging to the Tree Frog House.
On here we can chat about everything such as who has the best
clothes, who did the best inhume or snicker at the other houses.
Members above guild level 175 will become recruiters so
that they can recruit new members as they show up.
The members are:
Accryngton, Altocor, Alwin, Andrei, Ankou, Araltaln, Beale, Bernard, Echo, Falcoran, Firer, Gregory, Grissom, Halbarad, Headhunter, Jizi, Llylia, Malicious, Misako, Mishrak, Ochthuit, Phenom, Rild, Shook, Sigma, Sleffie, Sleipnir, Sniperzeye, Stabby, Stylee, Thandir, Tomt and Wotan
The recruiters are:
Accryngton, Andrei, Ankou, Araltaln, Beale, Bernard, Echo, Halbarad, Jizi, Ochthuit, Phenom, Shook, Sigma, Sleipnir, Stylee, Thandir and Tomt

This is an elected club:

The next election will be held at Mon Jan 10 17:17:20 2022