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The Moosers was founded by Elorf in Ankh-Morpork

The members are:
Aslo, Brexen, Cairon, Canvasbags, Ceridwen, Elmoose, Elorf, Epoc, Gweedo, Harlequinn, Harriet, Hatvor, Helia, Horror, Invisible, Jubilee, Kaari, Keiichi, Kethri, Krimsin, Kyou, Levo, Mazakala, Miri, Mokk, Nerevar, Nethuns, Oda, Ordeith, Prodfor, Ralegoan, Remy, Ruisan, Saiya, Selchri, Seuss, Sib, Sidd, Sidious, Slither, Styx, Trams, Triss, Uhr, Vaeth, Vein, Wiz, Xandros and Zelick
The recruiters are:
Canvasbags, Ceridwen, Elorf, Harriet, Hatvor, Horror, Invisible, Keiichi, Kethri, Miri, Nethuns, Oda, Ordeith, Ralegoan, Saiya, Sidd, Styx, Uhr, Vaeth, Vein, Wiz and Xandros

This is an elected club:

The next election will be held at Tue Dec 7 20:55:15 2021