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Society Concerning Arm Multiplicity was founded by Polycheria in Ankh-Morpork

                      Society Concerning Arm Multiplicity
                    For those with a proper amount of limbs.

    Has magic experimentation left you with an above average amount of arms?
        Do people look at you funny, while counting under their breath?
                  Are you always the one sent to order drinks?

                         Then this is the club for you!

We don't judge persons by their number of extremities, awkwardly pretend not to
   notice inconvenient arms, or act confused when high, low and side fiving.

                    Join us today for a odd-handed tomorrow!
                       (Yordon's wannabes need not apply)
The members are:
Gaelen, Polycheria and Tetrikitty
The recruiters are:
Polycheria and Tetrikitty