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Robin Hood was founded by Kasimir in Ankh-Morpork

*** ROBIN HOOD ***
 _/| _/| _/|  / _ \/ __ \/ _ )/  _/ |/ / / // / __ \/ __ \/ __ \ /_\ _/| _/|
> _<> _<> _< / , _/ /_/ / _  |/ //    / / _  / /_/ / /_/ / // / > _<> _<> _>
|/  |/  |/  /_/|_|\____/____/___/_/|_/ /_//_/\____/\____/____/  |/  |/  |/

We Steal from the Rich (and pretty much anyone else)
and Give to the Poor (except those made poor by us)!

New to the Disc? Sick of scrounging for pennies in the streets?
Worry no more, because we're here to help!

If you can't afford your guild's necessary equipment (or even clothes suitable for the season), give one of our online members a tell, and we'll try to help! Please only use our services if you really need them. We're happy to help, if you ask nicely ^_~ . Other than equipment, we also offer other services (as and when available) such as resurecting, portalling, healing, etc...

We reserve the right to refuse your request if a)you're being rude, b)you're obviously well off and don't need our help, c)older than approx 7 days or d)if we're busy! We also do not entertain requests for money (though our individual members may lend/donate some to you at their own discretion), expensive/rare equipment, or anything else that might be considered a tall order. We're here to help you get started, not pamper and spoil you ;)

We don't expect payment, but once you're out of your newbie shoes and able to look after yourself, you can if you like return the favour in any way you think is appropriate. You may even wish to join us so you can help other newbies like you before them.

For more information, please visit
To view a quick list of which members are online simply key in 'who robin hood' in your prompt.
The members are:
Abhishek, Alkifrolic, Ambros, Andrei, Andrew, Aphaea, Appelhof, Atricus, Azu, Baldarov, Bimbletrot, Brexen, Cagian, Calagan, Chi, Cip, Clover, Eliza, Falandro, Faye, Fiche, Frogleap, Gaggleogeese, Gannon, Gellan, Greyfox, Grimrak, Gurujosh, Gwep, Hakushi, Hax, Johnnytrash, Kali, Kasimir, Kathiaca, Kijo, Kit, Klikli, Koofle, Lachesis, Latanza, Lateralus, Liard, Lotte, Lysandra, Maliene, Mugsie, Nashina, Nuit, Ooonah, Oshnugimo, Paddy, Pertusaria, Pipien, Pixxy, Pluie, Qianling, Rauchwolke, Ruedii, Sethie, Soapysmith, Spontiff, Stallone, Stickgod, Stille, Stytch, Sylvara, Taint, Talrasha, Voidbringer, Wallace, Wax, Wolphen, Wraith, Zevious and Zhoutai
The recruiters are:
Abhishek, Alkifrolic, Ambros, Aphaea, Azu, Bimbletrot, Brexen, Cagian, Calagan, Chi, Cip, Clover, Falandro, Faye, Fiche, Frogleap, Gannon, Greyfox, Grimrak, Gurujosh, Kasimir, Kijo, Klikli, Lachesis, Lateralus, Lotte, Maliene, Nuit, Ooonah, Paddy, Pipien, Pixxy, Sethie, Soapysmith, Spontiff, Stallone, Stickgod, Stille, Stytch, Taint, Voidbringer, Wolphen and Zevious

This is an elected club:

The next election will be held at Thu May 19 20:20:51 2022