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QMA was founded by Henrey in Ankh-Morpork

      Quests, Missions, and Achievements

This is a club for discussing quests, missions, and achievements.

Still struggling after reading in-game and online guides? Get help here!

Team up with people for those multi-person quests and tedious achievements.

Warning: Quests can be discussed freely on the club channel, and it is not spoiler free.

The members are:
Ahlin, Arturos, Ashnod, Atricus, Beomi, Blakhawk, Bluv, Breeze, Brunswick, Bybal, Cafenoire, Capita, Chiucchiu, Cornista, Dmon, Elroy, Fernir, Flicker, Fraelin, Framnes, Frazyl, Gwest, Henrey, Ignatious, Ilde, Inabun, Jadah, Jenevieve, Kabo, Kerrie, Kevren, Khepri, Klawdees, Kook, Lilin, Llylia, Mickey, Mindful, Nata, Nayeli, Neran, Nevermore, Nyalie, Ohjoy, Oki, Onnastick, Panthera, Pedro, Proziac, Pteri, Ptopsy, Reckless, Remy, Rizinsun, Samson, Sevyn, Shenandoah, Shinjuko, Sigma, Sorval, Sparky, Stonik, Stryana, Stryker, Swiper, Sylvie, Tic, Tyrieth, Uep, Umiven, Unsup, Venia, Vezias, Vuniel, Vyn, Weezard, Wrathe, Xola, Yase, Yuta, Zackan and Zaya
The recruiters are:
Frazyl, Henrey, Inabun, Kerrie, Khepri, Onnastick, Shenandoah, Umiven and Vuniel

This is an elected club:

The next election will be held at Thu Mar 24 16:18:49 2022