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Midnight was founded by Haug in Ankh-Morpork

Come join us at the Midnight Order Room. Bring some skeleton friends along with GRG, or summon a horde of not-so-deadly hands to keep everyone in the same place! With healing and abjuring as primaries, as well as good defensive spells, your set for fun! 
The members are:
Aberial, Acaelus, Albrecht, Asmodean, Astrin, Atramentous, Award, Bibs, Bluey, Briar, Cochise, Dodie, Draskon, Edin, Ender, Fireclown, Floogly, Folestaff, Goatshorn, Haug, Hitcher, Ixnipone, Ixtlan, Jadore, Janet, Jedidiah, Jeffamere, Kou, Kragun, Kurupt, Lazurzaiat, Leovar, Liche, Loor, Lycius, Malefactor, Mallarme, Meaviz, Mokuto, Montresor, Moog, Morrigan, Natara, Nazar, Nuit, Parted, Rickard, Romez, Samdi, Shandor, Sheilavixen, Shtanga, Silber, Soulcat, Soulcatcher, Spleen, Templeball, Toffee, Trident, Tunod, Unseennerd, Unwise, Valkair, Vein, Vesalius, Woodvlinder, Wyrdrune, Ylikax, Zagento and Zauberer
The recruiters are:
Asmodean, Fireclown, Haug, Ixtlan, Janet, Liche, Morrigan, Natara, Nazar, Nuit, Sheilavixen, Shtanga, Soulcat, Spleen, Templeball, Toffee, Trident, Unseennerd, Unwise, Vein and Zauberer

This is an elected club:

The next election will be held at Mon Mar 7 16:15:51 2022