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KCC was founded by Ptenisnet in Djelibeybi

The People's Revolutionary Klatchian Co-Op Committee For the Destruction of Capitalism was formed during the reign of the Klatch Council as an organization for Klatchian citizens and magistrates involved in the ongoing process of the nationalisation of the player shops in Djelibeybi and its dependencies.

After a successful nationalisation process, the KCC now works with the Djelibeybi Council as an organization for citizens and magistrates interested in the various committees, activities, and social intrigues in Djelibeybi and its dependencies.  Some of our current activities include: The Papyrus, The Vulgar Unicorn, and The People's Bank.
The members are:
Alfa, Anguish, Aranth, Aron, Asmodai, Beasteater, Carmel, Chi, Chieftain, Chosig, Clover, Cortico, Delphini, Delusion, Dementia, Dupre, Earwax, Echo, Eibon, Empathy, Emrys, Fewms, Fewyn, Flamore, Freyalise, Githan, Grannymi, Haassasin, Hassan, Hatred, Herb, Iblis, Jewliana, Juan, Juris, Kaitos, Kalam, Kalil, Kalip, Kedok, Keiichi, Kiyo, Kyrie, Laseth, Levin, Leyan, Lysek, Manat, Mariana, Mauve, Moiraine, Nabber, Narf, Niobe, Nny, Nue, Numia, Nut, Ochrion, Pame, Penguin, Pius, Poet, Pokey, Positrix, Ptenisnet, Ptodium, Ptoley, Qingfeng, Qiuyan, Rauna, Robertsson, Robgea, Rollebon, Saaur, Serena, Seris, Sevoria, Shmant, Skippy, Tanis, Tating, Telira, Tevi, Thrakkozz, Toli, Trams, Trident, Trix, Umawen, Unite, Wushu, Xen, Yank, Zeno, Zeur and Zmogus
The recruiters are:
Beasteater, Carmel, Chieftain, Clover, Echo, Fewms, Kalip, Keiichi, Narf, Ochrion, Penguin, Ptenisnet, Ptoley, Robgea, Rollebon, Skippy and Trams

This is an elected club:

The next election will be held at Wed Nov 10 13:44:15 2021