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Geezers was founded by Moody in Ankh-Morpork

Mission Statement

The Geezer's Club has been founded as an alternative to the Apex Club,
 where older players can come to chat, grouse about newbies and the 
'old days', or reminisce about long lost mud characters.

Eligibility and charter can be found on:
The members are:
Anavrin, Arielle, Brindle, Castar, Emily, Erin, Flumbe, Haplo, Harri, Hufte, Karek, Latazum, Midian, Mishra, Moody, Mothergoose, Mythica, Nif, Nimue, Niobe, Numia, Pinkfish, Pncessamy, Quece, Ristic, Rodion, Saist, Talen, Ukko, Wenda and Yukk
The recruiters are:
Brindle, Emily, Hufte, Moody and Mothergoose

This is an elected club:

The next election will be held at Sun Nov 21 13:45:30 2021