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Free Adventurer's Association was founded by Mattias in Ankh-Morpork

----The Free Adventurer's Association----
where the guildless get together to have fun

New members are always welcome! New or old, if you have decided
to pursue the guildless lifestyle*, speak to a recruiter today!

*Adventuring is by nature temporary.  If think you might still
join a guild in a future, but still plan to spend some time as an adventurer, 
join us anyways!
The members are:
Alasdair, Caf, Callorena, Eboin, Eugen, Ikke, Mattias, Mudskipper, Natalolly, Pag, Porevic, Quiyan, Rafiq, Saphira, Skyweasel, Sothis, Toli, Westley, Xxx, Zenocea and Zuron
The recruiters are:
Callorena, Eugen, Mattias, Pag, Saphira, Westley and Zenocea

This is an elected club:

The next election will be held at Sat May 7 10:10:03 2022