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Catgirls was founded by Meme in Ankh-Morpork


            (ascii of catgirl pending)

The home for all catgirls.  Others are welcome too, especially other felines. You must love (or at least like) and respect catgirls though. <3

Catgirls are people with cat ears, which in Japanese culture are associated with traits like playfulness and gracefulness.  The tail is optional.  Catboys are ok too!

Free conversion services for anyone who isn't a catgirl or catboy.  If you're a male adventurer, you can get your gender swapped by the witch in Ankh-Morpork.

Enjoy!  And ask a recruiter about joining today.

To current and potential members:

Embrace your catgirliness!
The members are:
Anwen, Blake, Blodeuyn, Capita, Catalya, Delphini, Dwalla, Firefox, Fortune, Huff, Jacintha, Jerah, Knphz, Lala, Leika, Meme, Miri, Nami, Nightfox, Nuoun, Ordeith, Ruisan, Sanchez, Sheilavixen, Slarfa, Swiper, Sylfver, Tayle, Tetrikitty, Vaeth, Valkair, Vos and Wyonette
The recruiters are:
Anwen, Fortune, Jacintha, Meme, Ordeith and Tetrikitty

This is an elected club:

The next election will be held at Mon Dec 6 20:53:17 2021