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Bastard Creators from Hell was founded by Rhinehold in Ankh-Morpork

Dedicated to the writing of code which the only purpose of is to destroy the souls of players.  Stealing your money, losing your weapons and that extra little bit of lag just at the wrong time, these are all products of special projects that we have in place.

Remember that great weapon you loved?  It was too powerful and has been downgraded.  That ritual that had your opponents quaking in fear?  It has been removed from the game to be tweaked.  The quest item that gave you the upper hand?  It's no longer a quest item and has been replaced with a less effective version.  The command that you used to set the disc on it's ear?  Some new code has caused it to respond What? whenever you try to use it.

Quake in fear, run for your lives and get your Droves filled with gas, the Bastard Creators from Hell are on the job.
The members are:
Carmine, Etain, Gin, Gruper, Kaea, Leeda, Miv, Mollow, Presto, Pso, Rhinehold, Rotas, Rue, Rywfol, Starr, Tannah, Una and Wodan
The recruiters are:
Gruper, Presto, Pso, Rue, Rywfol, Tannah and Wodan