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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Letting In The Jungle, posted on Mon Sep 27 04:31:21 2010
Posted by: Loutre
Category: Klatch (domain pages)
Explorers in the wilds of Klatch have reported that the locals are losing their shyness, and that they are seeing more and more animals as they go about their way. Be warned: some are still not entirely pleased with their newfound visibility, and you may find pointy, spotty death dropping from above if you meet the eyes of certain lurking creatures who would rather remain hidden!

Right Hand Blog Entry, posted on Thu Sep 23 14:46:02 2010
Posted by: Woom
Category: Mudlib
You can now use the hand you're holding something in as adjectives when matching items.

E.g. holding two daggers, they can be referred to as "left hand dagger" and "right dagger", etc.

(The change will not be fully in effect until after next reboot, but it should work on some objects already.)

Exceptional Parser Changes, posted on Tue Sep 21 22:37:57 2010
Posted by: Woom
Category: Mudlib
The parser has been changed a bit, more specifically how "except" is handled.

"except" is now handled before comma, "and" and ampersand. This means that "a&b except c&d", which used to match "a and ( b except c ) and d" now matches "( a and b ) except ( c and d )".

Furthermore, matching with "except" will no longer fail if the excepted class doesn't exist. That is, rather than fail, "a except b" will match all of a if there are no b.

Have fun!

Changes To NPCs, posted on Sun Sep 19 06:30:10 2010
Posted by: Trilogy
Category: Special
Some NPCs will now kick and punch. It was an oversight that has now been fixed, thanks Turvity!

In addition, counts toward warrior special achievements will now only be awarded when the creature dies. Some other achievements may be changed in the future as well.

Support For Hashishim, posted on Sat Sep 18 10:02:09 2010
Posted by: Kaylar
Category: Guilds
Members of the hashishim guild can now "ask" to be hoisted by rope into their guild, if they aren't sure about the relevant climbing skills.

-- Epic

Reclaim Command, posted on Fri Sep 17 19:40:01 2010
Posted by: Pit
Category: Mudlib
Playerkillers who wish to recover items which were stolen from them

from another playerkiller's corpse can now use the "reclaim" command

to do so. Reclaiming an item does not count as theft.

Further CTF Updates, posted on Thu Sep 16 00:53:51 2010
Posted by: Turvity
Category: Special
Some changes for those who like murder, mayhem and underwear:

* It is now possible to block flagrunners at the pole.

* Scoring has been looked at and re-calculated so that solo kills are always worth more than group kills.

* Poisoned apples are now available in the arena.

* Visit now works within the arena.

* Sulphur blocks are now available in a package of ten.

* You may now 'request' a corpse within your team room.

* Your team room now counts as a high altar.

* It is possible to list and brows...

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Broomstick Slots, posted on Mon Sep 13 13:02:36 2010
Posted by: Woom
Category: Guilds
A bug has been fixed in how the number of recordable slots on broomsticks is calculated.

As a result you may suddenly find yourself with fewer slots than you are used to getting. Please don't die due to this!

Bugfix Tweaks, posted on Mon Sep 6 12:39:55 2010
Posted by: Kaylar
Category: Guilds
Members of the Guilds domain have made the following changes this Bugfix Weekend:

* Hopeful Hashishim recruits can now get an escort from the Djelian office to the Hashishim cave in order to join the illustrious guild. And once there, Hashishim can now slide down the banister from the second storey.

* Mano Rossa looking for a speedy escape from the attic can now leap out of the window, with possible splatty consequences. They are advised to hold on to their hats (new fedora available from the sh...

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Tempting Treats For Trolls, posted on Sat Sep 4 18:55:45 2010
Posted by: Carmine
Category: Guilds

Trolls are no longer susceptible to the poison of poisonous apples. However, they are susceptible to poisonous minerals, particularly sulphur, cinnabar, micholite and rose quartz. Witches might find that they are also quite attracted to such unhealthy items, if they're proferred in a particularly tempting way.





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