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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Fumble Changes, posted on Tue Oct 26 01:35:32 2010
Posted by: Turvity
Category: Guilds
Fumble has been altered so that it causes the target to fumble the item to their inventory, rather than dropping it.

Family (and Club) Formats, posted on Sun Oct 24 11:37:36 2010
Posted by: Gin
Category: General
You can now change the capitalisation of families and unelected clubs at your local club/family control room.


G & T

Pets, posted on Wed Oct 20 10:18:22 2010
Posted by: Gin
Category: General
If you sadly lose a pet, these will now time out after one week (even if you are not logged on). This was always intended to be the case, however the functionality was not, well, functioning.

If you have been storing pets in your memory, you have a weeks grace from when you log on to decide if you want to resurrect them.


G & T

The Emerald Necklace, posted on Mon Oct 18 17:42:10 2010
Posted by: Gin
Category: Am (domain pages)
To all travellers on the Sto Lat road:

A jewel[1] of a coaching inn has reopened following refurbishment[2] on Upper Broadway, nr to the Hubwards Gate of Ankh-Morpork offering succour[3] to newly arrived travellers.

Should you wish to quench your thirst or enjoy a hearty meal stop by the Emerald Necklace now[4]!


Josiah H Hardepate, Public Relations Secretary of the Publicans' Guild

[1] May not actually resemble a jewel.

[2] The Thieves' Guild knicked all the tables, chairs, and crystals...

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Gourds, posted on Fri Oct 15 01:15:45 2010
Posted by: Hagi
Category: Klatch (domain pages)
Gourds are great wearable liquid containers, but they were made with a built in downside that they were somewhat less efficient in terms of volume/weight compared to bottles. At some point this was revoked... it has been restored.

Weapon Speed Change, posted on Tue Oct 12 16:48:48 2010
Posted by: Turvity
Category: Special
Certain weapons were too slow because of a miscalculation in combat code. You may find that weapons that were unusably slow before are now viable.

Be warned that certain NPCs may be using such weapons too, so you may want to be careful in your usual haunts.

CTF Changes, posted on Mon Oct 11 23:48:07 2010
Posted by: Turvity
Category: Special
Hi. A few little changes for those of you who happen to play with the underwear and the stabbings.

* The racks in Capture the Flag have been completely reworked. You are no longer limited in the number of weapon racks that you may take. On the other hand, most non-weapon items are now in the utility racks, which are limited. Visit the arena and list and browse to see what went where.

* You will now receive your CTF amulet as soon as you enter the arena. This means that you can't accidentall...

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Shortchanged, posted on Mon Oct 11 01:10:23 2010
Posted by: Woom
Category: Mudlib
The way change is handled when paying for stuff has been changed. Now smaller denominations will always be taken before larger ones.

Guilds Tweaks, posted on Mon Oct 4 23:51:17 2010
Posted by: Kaylar
Category: Guilds
Members of the Guilds domain have made the following changes recently:

* Gapp's low altar no longer checks whether an item is kept, as you never actually lose possession of the item.

* Pishe's pool now stops you before you toss coins in if you would not be able to buy a life.

* Incense is now burnable, including in the incense burners scattered around major temples.

* House scarves are now available in the AM Assassins' Guild.

* The tailor at the Mano Rossa now tells you how the suit looks befo...

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