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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Killing Time, posted on Wed May 8 14:10:58 2024
Posted by: Kake
Category: Guilds
This month's Bugfix Weekend was focused on warriors, but we also have a few little faith-related treats.

The alignment-based messages that are shown to a person who actively leaves a deity's passage room are now also shown to the people following that person. (These messages have no actual effect - they're just for flavour.)

Faith shields lasting more than two years were supposed to print special messages when viewed with the "shields" command, but there was a bug preventing this. That bug has now been fixed.

A recently-performed holy sacrifice will no longer prevent you from striking the gong in the Djelian Guard Hall of Warriors.

The special messages shown when a crush or impale is the killing blow have been rewritten so they no longer look grammatically incorrect when the victim was protecting someone else.

Crush and impale will no longer sometimes claim they've killed the target when they actually haven't.

Warcry will no longer sometimes expire immediately after being prepared.

Attempting to prepare a special in the hand that your options combat tactics attack is set to _not_ use will now tell you that you can't do it (rather than the previous behaviour of taking the GP and then never actually launching).

Similarly, an attempt to attack or prepare a special against an NPC that you are carrying will now just tell you that you can't.

The helpfile for shove has been updated to confirm that this command is easier to succeed at if you have free limbs.

Finally, a small easter egg has been added to the message room of the AM Palace Guard.

-- Fran, Kake and Presto



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