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File /obj/monster.c

This file contains all the information relevant to creating an npc (or monster).

Written by Pinkfish


This class inherits the following classes /std/living/living.c, /global/guild-race.c, /std/living/mon_actions.c, /std/living/response_mon.c and /global/events.c


This class includes the following files /include/armoury.h, /include/map.h, /include/combat.h, /include/wander.h, /include/top_ten_tables.h, /include/command.h, /include/tasks.h, /include/player.h, /include/move_failures.h, /include/shops/bank.h, /include/monster.h, /include/route.h, /include/skills.h, /include/magic.h, /include/living.h, /include/money.h and /include/playtesters.h

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nomask int query_creator()

Functionality to give things to players, taking care of give accept of all kinds. This class stores data of giving things.


These are nice data types for dealing with... Data!