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Discworld player help



watch - it tells the time


wear <watch>
remove <watch>

For pocketwatches:
open <watch>
close <watch>

For imp-powered watches:
check <watch>

For watches with alarms:
set alarm <alarm name> for <hours>:<minutes>
remove alarm <alarm name>
check alarms


Watches tell the time. There are two main types of watch, pocket watches and wrist watches. Wrist watches may be worn, pocket watches may not but may be opened or closed.

Watches fall into two further sub-categories: clockwork and imp or demon powered. Clockwork watches show the time through dials on their faces which can be seen by looking at them. Demon or Imp watches usually speak the time when you tap, check or shake the watch.

Some watches may provide an alarm function. Alarms can be set for specific times on Disc, such as 8:32 or 13:49. The alarm will be triggered at the nearest hour, half hour or quarter hour before the time set. Some worn watches may have silent alarms.


> set alarm bing for 12:47
The bing alarm has been set for 12:47.

You feel a slight vibration coming from your slim black watch as an alarm
goes off.